Advisory Services

Ketone offers a wide variety of commercial real estate advisory services that cover all aspects of your real estate project. Managing the entire process, and utilizing a single point of contact with extensive real estate experience ensures a seamless, transparent and efficient real estate relocation, or development process.


Ketone assists in the identification and analysis of real estate site and building options, and assists our clients in understanding the local labor market, site attributes, development and construction challenges, and financial incentives.

Real Estate Feasibility Studies

Ketone minimizes our clients’ risk factors by conducting research to assess potential real estate planning, permitting, entitlement, development and construction issues prior to commencing the real estate acquisition or development process.

Acquisition Management

Including an experienced real estate development professional on your building or site acquisition team adds another layer of project understanding, minimizing risk and adding significant value during the acquisition and planning phase of any real estate project.

Land Development & Planning

Ketone manages land development and planning for new development and re-development projects. Creating a detailed, manageable plan that is developed with an understanding of market trends, offers owners the assurance of a successful project.

Permitting & Entitlements

Ketone is experienced in permitting and entitling large and small real estate projects, and ensuring flexible zoning and the appropriate local incentives are included to allow an efficient and high quality real estate development.

Financial Incentive Evaluation & Negotiations

Ketone evaluates and negotiates the most appropriate financial incentives for our clients. This ensures that our clients have a successful foundation when relocating or expanding a business.

Site & Building Planning

Ketone’s experience in developing commercial real estate, and knowledge of market trends, in addition to relationships with architects and engineers offers our clients the ability to efficiently design and develop marketable site and building plans.

Competitive Bidding Management

Ketone’s local and national market knowledge, combined with relationships in the design and construction industry, allow our clients to obtain the most cost effective, and aggressive development timeline and budget.

Construction & Project Management

Ketone’s construction & project management services eliminate uncertainty, provide a single point of contact, and allow our clients to focus on operating their business during an expansion or renovation.