Ketone Partners focuses on connecting the efficient utilization of technology in today’s commercial real estate industry to brokers, landlords and corporations. Recent changes in global technology make it possible to streamline the real estate procurement and management process. Ketone’s experienced management team has seized this opportunity to develop, market and implement new online and mobile device applications to simplify the commercial real estate site selection, lease negotiation, marketing and development process.

FARMS4LEASE.COM is an online farm lease auction tool allowing agricultural landowners the ability to competitively bid agricultural leases to multiple farm operators. maximizes the exposure of farmland and helps landowners establish a fair market rent for their agricultural landholdings.

RELAONLINE.COM (relay) is an online reverse lease auction tool allowing tenants the ability to competitively bid industrial real estate requirements to multiple landlords in an easy-to-use, transparent, online process. RELA will be released in 2017.